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Seth O.

Boy, I’m late! Apologies! I feel like that white rabbit.

*Begins replying to mail*



Hello! *Get up and dust myself off* Nice to meet you, Cathy.

The Wormling series is an allegory about this young man who is prophesied to rescue a King’s Son in another world. Throughout the story he’s pursued by the Dragon and his demonic hordes.  It’s more complicated than what I just described. I just told you the gist of the first book. The whole series is five books long, but each book is appropriately short. I really enjoyed it. I think you might also.

Reading it helped inspire one of my WIPs, a fantasy about spiritual warfare. My other pet WIP is a merging of superhero and detective fiction. I’m trying to do it as a short story series (are there any forums about this?).

Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them out.



Hello Gracie! Nice to meet you too! Glad you like my name!

What you said about your writing basically describes how mine is going. I’m eager to start a plot to go with my characters. But to do that I need a plan to see where I’m going, and to have that I need to further develop my characters, so for now I’m working on crafting backstories, voices, and motives right now. I thought I knew my characters so well until I tried to give one an arc. *Strokes goatee* It feels easier to come up with the arc first and then the character; although that might hamper the authenticity of the character’s choices…

I’m curious. What other stuff do you dabble in?



Hey Lily! Nice to meet you!

Mecha is a genre in Japanese animation, known for its giant robot suits. I think it could do well in novel form. Wuxia is Chinese fantasy, especially with martial arts. Genres that end with “punk” explore the question of what the world would be if the future happened earlier. Steampunk is a futuristic Victorian period. Atompunk refers to an atomic-powered future set between the 1940’s and 60’s. It’s basically retro sci-fi.

I myself just learned these about a month ago.


& @imwritehere1920:

It’s a rough choice when there so much in each book, but I think my favorite is Proverbs for all its small but helpful sayings.

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