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Yeah, a bunch of posts got deleted and some peoples messages stopped showing up for a day.

As for games, I am in a similar boat. I think the last triple-A game I played new was Skyrim, since then I mostly stick to old games I know I like or smaller releases on steam every once and a while. Lack of time has a way of refining our palates XD

Ha, I forget who said it, but there is a quote along the lines of “A writer is someone who feels more pain not writing than writing.” there are certainly times where that is true… Been a looong times since I have skated, and I have only done street hockey (though I have been to a couple of games, which are really fun). I love hanging out with people too, but I am more of an extroverted introvert: I can be social and love it, but I have to recharge at home.

And yeah, I have written a few song lyrics, but I can’t say that music has ever been my talent. It has been one of those things I have had an interest in but the amount of time and dedication required for me to really get into it never seemed to line up.

As for writing, what kind of stories appeal to you, or what are you currently working on?

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