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Brian Stansell

Hi Noah,

Metaphors are my preference.  Similes…well…to put it nicely…just seem like a lot of “valley-girl” talk.

On a related topic, what are y’all’s thoughts on metaphors and similes? Things such as: which do you prefer or use more, any tips on how to come up good ones faster (in particular metaphors), and how often do you use them in your writing.

It is tough getting around overused cliches, but you can do it if you just stop and imagine with as many perceptive senses as you can. Use one most people don’t think of right off.  Such as how does the wind in the trees smell?  What noise does the sand on a beach make if you were laying down in the surf?

Dean Koontz is an absolute master of metaphor, so I would peruse some of his novels.  His chapters tend to begin with one, that allows a reader to connect with the setting in some unique ways.  The man is a genius with evocative word pictures.

Don’t overuse them though.  Think of these as flavoring a little salt into a scene.  Too much, get’s it spit out.  Too little and the scene can come across bland. Keeping that idea of balancing the taste in mind and you’ll do alright.

Have a blessed evening!

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
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