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Brian Stansell


Thank you, Noah!

I began writing little “notebook paper” booklets with bread sack twist-ties when I was a kid (about 6 or 7).  Continued through HS and college, but I didn’t put myself out there, because I believed I wasn’t any good.  But…I couldn’t shake the compulsion to make up and explore stories.  I have always been an avid reader.  I have collected books over the years and have read most of them.  I have hundreds of pounds of them….but never enough shelf space. (I can never move again because it might cost a fortune in cardboard. 😉 )

I wrote two sci-fi novels with a biblical worldview, but never published them.  I did have a literary agent once for a year, but never “sold” the novel. Self-publishing was “cost-prohibitive” back then.  And publishers did not feel it was worthwhile to take a risk on a 16-year-old writing a Christian “space novel”.  I continued working on it off and on while in college pursuing my BA in English and American Literature.  Post-college my “fiction writing” took a backseat to work a “real job”.  I eventually went back to University to pursue a Master’s degree.  Taught Freshman English as a grad student, but ended up finding my life take a different turn out of secular academia.  Eventually fell into disillusion with what was being taught in the Universities and realized many of the PhDs there had no real idea or appreciation for what “good literature” truly was.  They just drove nefarious and godless agendas, and I could stomach none of that or pretend that I could.  I was raised in Church. My father and mother are the “real deal” Christians, meaning they lived out their belief both publicly and privately in the home before me and my two younger brothers.  I personally accepted Jesus at a young age and that reality could not be bottled up or kept silent.  So I left… I later got married, went to work for a medical device company founded by a strong Christian physician, and the company went global, went public, after the founder retired, and eventually was bought by a secular firm whose “progressive” ideas continue to plague the company through HR.
My dad is a country preacher and has been in the ministry for 40+ years and still going, but the “Farm blood” still pulses through him along with the gospel.  He keeps chickens, and just recently switched from a flock of goats to about four cows and a bull.  (Brangus stock)  My grandparent and uncles were cotton farmers in the North Texas panhandle.  For years I had abandoned writing thinking I needed to “put away childish things” but God re-defined that for me, and rekindled the passion.  He does not give “wants” that He does not have a “good answer” for.  I am called to write fiction for His glory, not my own.  Even fantasy fiction, which I am working through now.

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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