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Emma Walker

Hey, @irishcelticredflowercrown so @writergirl101 also did this chara, you can scroll back to page six if you wanna read that too.

I’ll do yours now 🙂 Beautiful pictures by the way!

Thanks! I found them online.

Name: I’m thinking a name beginning with D – Delia, Delilah, Daniella

Ah, no, Sry, her name is Aylin Chio, but I may write down those names for future use.

Age: In her late teens or early twenties

I actually only know that she’s in her late teens, so you’re right on with that one.

Career/role in story: Either the protagonist or a supporting character.

So here is what I told before: Well her role is really complicated. A certain kid was kidnapped by a Sith lady and raised on Pantora, you know the planet where the blue skinned people live? XD While she trained this kid in the Force he was often rebellious and ran off to play with some kids on the streets, one of whom was Aylin, who was technically an orphan that lived on the streets.

She is his best friend, and then later he has to leave to do Sith ness, so she decided to join the rebellion, not knowing that she would be on opposite sides as he.
But she runs into this guy that looks a lot like her friend, but he’s his brother, and so she ends up joining the Danu-Windu clan (her friend’s fam) in a way, since she has no one else.

Personality: Extremely motivated, loyal, friendly, and she seems tough and no nonsense as well. She doesn’t waste any time, she likes to get things done. She seems like she would be honest and upfront with people and doesn’t tolerate anyone who talks down to her.

Yes, she gets that from her living on the streets. But she’s also very quiet and reserved, especially around this new family she found. However she can be a bit snarky to closer companions.

Would you be friends with this character?: I think so. She seems very confident and outgoing, so I wouldn’t be afraid to talk to her.

She would be your friend if she could trust you.

Any other details you might have gotten from the picture: She has pinkish hair and greenish blue skin, so I’m assuming she might be an alien or a magical creature of some sort? I have to say, her hair is TO DIE FOR   XD

Yep. She’s a Pantoran, and looks like a human, but with blue skin, purple hair, and yellow eyes. I definitely agree with the hair!

What would this character’s nickname be? Umm maybe D or something like that. Nothing too extravagant.

I think she would’ve been given a nickname from when she was on the streets, like Slick, or something.

Character’s greatest strength: Her unwavering loyalty to those she cares about and whatever cause she fights for.

Yes, as well as her intelligence and she knows when to keep quiet.

Character’s fatal flaw: She can get a bit hot-headed if she thinking someone is undermining her.

Maybe? I’d say her flaw is that she finds it hard to trust people, but she also self isolates herself too often.

Phrase that the character is likely to say: ‘I know what I’m doing, calm down!’

I bet she would say that, maybe on a chase in the streets of a Pantoran city.

Character’s favorite color(s): Bright colours, like pink, blue and green 🙂

Could be, but also maybe a soft yellow.

Thanks! That was fun. 😀

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