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Brian Stansell


Till We Have Faces is a great read. I have several C.S. Lewis books and got The Chronicles of Narnia when I was years old which put me on my writing journey…long, long ago…in a galaxy far, far away… [sorry, got distracted there.]
A lot of my fiction tastes are blended genres, but I love biblical mysteries and have researched several that open up yet another amazement at our grand Creator and His masterful plan to redeem and reconcile us to Himself.

Ask me sometime about the Genesis 5 “Hidden Message” in the Names mystery.  I am a Big Fan of biblical scholar Dr. Chuck Missler, PhD (now deceased), but you can find him on YouTube [while “they” still haven’t banned them].  He was the Founder of the Koinonia Institute Ministry.

So welcome!  May you have a very blessed day!

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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