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Brian Stansell


Hi Ashley,

Welcome! You will find many Lewis and Tolkien fans among us!  So glad to have you join.  Check out some of the Forums and join a group.

I write Fantasy too and have a WIP I have been…[ahem]…perfecting…for many years. 🙂
Would love to hear what yours is about.  Mine has a long timeline too, but the longer timespan are mostly in the interweaved backstory.  Incidents from Genesis to Revelation show up (fall, walk, crawl and fly) and crossover into the “Mid-World” I envisioned.  My WIP is online, but I have a publisher for it once my (stealth) revisions are complete.

Check out the Forums.

Several have started some exciting topics that help draw out some of your special gifts and perceptions.
Here are a few I recommend:
1. Character Development Fun –
Post a picture, drawn or image of what you imagine one of your WIP characters might look like, and using the set questions, let others guess what they are like.

2. Introduce one of your WIP Villains –
Get in character and introduce one of your villains trapped in the confines of the Villain Character Castle.

3. [Newly started: Audio Cinema]
Record a shared MP3 audio file of you performing a single scene of your WIP, along with the limited text of the scene, without intro or qualifiers, and let others listen to how it sounds as you might imagine a reader could experience it.  This stretches you to hear what you write, rather than just see it. Get some valuable feedback from other writers using some valuable scene questions related to the mood, ambiance, and character connections.  Listen to what others are doing and get a cinematic sense of the scenic experience, to imagine more possibilities.

There are so many to choose from, so look at what intrigues you and jump right in. You will be very welcome.

God Bless!

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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