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That’s an intriguing plot. How long have you been writing the first book? It sounds like you’re making great progress. How many pages do you write a week?

Thank you! I drafted the first book in… about six or seven months. (That’s counting the month or so when I took a break from writing)

My daily goal is 1000 words a day, but sometimes I can’t get beyond 500, and other days I draft 2000 in a single sitting. It depends on the day and how easy the chapter is.

Sooo… I write between 4000 and 5000 words a week, on average. (That’s 16-20 pages) However, I used to write much slower when I just got started. Drafting takes practice, and visualizing the scenes over and over and plotting out where you want to go in each chapter does help.

My only advice on drafting is don’t compare your word count, just stick with what’s realistic for you, remind yourself that it’s the first draft and it has to be terrible, and if you’re having a tough day, writing sprints work really well for me.

I set a timer for 15 minutes and aim to write 250 words in that time. I force myself to finish that sprint before I take a break. Anyway, just an idea 😉

I read a bunch of books and watched a lot of youtube channels on writing before starting. Both of those sources taught be a lot about story structure and character building (though a lot of it was already intuitively built into me from reading). So yes I am using a story structure, though I am a little more loose with it. But in my book’s most condensed form, it follows the traditional story structure.

Awesome! Sounds like you really did your research! I’m sure you’ll get on much easier because of it!

Okay, I’ll look into character castles. Thanks for the tip. :p

Okay, cool! I’m in Character Castle 2.0 and the Villain’s character castle. Both have spots free, and it’d be cool to see you there!

What is your outlining process?

Hmm, it involves a lot of coffee and frustration, but here we go! I don’t particularly enjoy outlining, though I do need an outline to write XD I tend to rush it and get the basics down, then I start drafting and work out the details later.

I use the Save the Cat method (Blake Snyder’s beat sheet) and it works really well for me. I usually start by writing down what I already know and try to guess which beat it would fit into. (I usually plot the Inciting incident, Break into act 2, and Midpoint first, but that’s a personal preference.)

Once I have the ideas down, I work out the main character’s arc and then try to plot the rest of the book. (I might end up with some blank spaces, but they’ll come to me while I draft)

After that, I flesh out my main character and the characters I need for the plot.

This is usually the place where I lose all patience and start drafting XD I might end up jotting some more detailed scene ideas or changing around some stuff.

During drafting, I also spend some time with my characters, usually in a character castle, but also just daydreaming.

Anyway, that’s more or less it!

How about you?

I also saw in your conversation with Gracie that you’re also a small-scale farmer! That’s so awesome!

We have a smallish property where we raise meat turkeys, (In case you were wondering, the stereotype that turkeys are dumb is one hundred percent true. They always amaze me by surpassing their own stupidity.) and chickens. (I have no idea who decided chicken should be synonymous with coward. I mean, animals who have no problem cannibalizing each other and will actively hunt and eat rats aren’t cowards XD)

We also have a huge vegetable garden and an orchard that never bears properly.


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