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Brian Stansell


Hi Noah,

You have probably already guessed that you have come to the “write” place. 🙂

There are great and talented people here and we love reading and sharing thoughts and bouncing ideas!

My name is Brian, but my call sign on here is “obrian-of-the-surface -world” (long story).

I too am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) stories as well as those by Agatha Christie.  I love a good mystery.  Am a big fan of the old Colombo TV movies with Peter Falk.

Have you ever read any of Steve Berry’s novels with historical mystery twists?

I even have a book purporting to be “The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Ken Greenwald which was based on the original Radio Plays by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher.   It’s pretty good and seems faithful to the original characters created by Doyle.
I am curious to know what you think of the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. playing the titular character.  Thoughts?

My WIP is a fantasy novel that includes a few biblical mysteries in it.  Check out biblical scholar Dr. Chuck Missler’s “Cosmic Codes” if you can.  He unpacks many fascinating biblical mysteries in it that give a glimpse of the Mastery of Our Creator.  Chapter 5 of that book will blow your mind at how God encoded his plan of salvation within the meaning of the male names from Adam through Noah as listed in order in Genesis Chapter 5.

So check us out. Try out the Forums and Groups. Find one or several that your interested in.  There are many to choose from.
Many of us have eclectic tastes so you will see many of the greeters here in more than one group.
Feel free to jump into a discussion or take one of the Topic challenges.
(Psst! I just recently started one called “Audio Cinema”… if you have a flare for the dramatic and would like to hear some of our work read/performed and read one of your own scenes from a WIP by creating a shareable MP3 files and dropping in the link.) [Sorry for the shameless plug… 😉 ]

Many of us have Author sites, so check out some of our profiles to see what we’re up to behind the “Curtain of Oz The Great and Powerful!….” [sorry…got carried away for a wee bit there…]

Wishing you much blessing!

Welcome, welcome.

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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