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Cheers  @rose-colored-fancy

1)  Name: Addison, Marilyn, Mary-Anne. Something kind of long but classical, or maybe something short and spunky, like Isa, Leah, or Sara.

You’ve got the M! Her name is Magenta Charles.

2)  Age: Mid-twenties, I think.

Yes! 24, to be precise.

3)  Career/role-in-story: I think she’s either a teacher or an academic of some sort. Maybe an archeologist, geologist, or anthropologist? I think she’d be into the humanities and sciences.

She is a teacher 🙂 At their school, teachers teach most things for a stage (so yr 11&12) for her. But she does teach the only class set up specifically for the non-human races of the continent.

4)  Personality: Bubbly, adventurous, optimistic, makes friends easily, sweet but determined. Quite stubborn and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her.

Nice – that’s a pretty good description 🙂  except maybe the making friends easily (she thinks she does, but forgets a few of them as time goes by, so she has a lot of people exasperated with her as well – so both friends and not friends equally, maybe?)

5)  Would you be friends with this character?: Totally! I feel like she’d be great to have conversations with!


6)  Any other details you might have gotten from the picture: She’s carrying a notebook, wearing (very cool) work boots, and wearing gloves, so I think her work involves some kind of manual labor and documenting stuff.

She is half-human and half-fairy, which has allowed her the unique ability of magic synaesthesia – she sees the magic that everyone has as colours in a kind of overlay. This, she does document.

7)  What would this character’s nickname be?  Why?: No idea XD I’m terrible at nicknames.

Haha, she has a few … The Red Demon (there was a fire once … at least); Mage (just short for Magenta) …

8)  Character’s greatest strength: Confidence and intelligence!

Yes to confidence.

9)  Character’s fatal flaw: She’s probably very driven and perfectionistic, and she might be critical of herself.

She’s actually not that critical of people (herself included). Specific things, or traits, she will hone in on. Being a teacher, magic of humans (which no one else thinks exists, but she can see it), her younger brother and otome type games are her biggest [obsessions]. Anything relating to those, she jumps on, other things fall to the wayside.

10)  Phrase that the character is likely to say: “Now, pay attention,” (IDK XD)

Yep, as a teacher to students (some of whom never had any type of schooling or restrictive environment) it’s very likely.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): I think earth tones, judging from her outfit!

I haven’t actually thought about this – maybe yellow (human’s magic colour), but any light, warm colour (including some earthy tones) probably fit.

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