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Noah Cochran

Hey Lily!

Yes I have read some of the Ranger’s Apprentice books. I have also read The False Prince which I greatly enjoyed.

That’s a interesting coincidence Lily, I am currently reading Gies’s book on medieval women. 🙂 The best three are the Life in the Medieval Castle(1), Village(2), and Town (3). They give a great insight into life in that time period, which if very helpful for medieval historical fiction or fantasy authors.


You took that professor thing quite seriously didn’t you miss farm girl. :p

I have around 30, so not very many, I’m a small scale farmer. My younger brother raises laying hens for our parents. How many acres do y’all raise animals on? We recently got two cows, and they had the brilliant idea to swim straight across the middle of our pond to a pasture they weren’t supposed to be in. So yeah, it went well. It was interesting to watch though xD The more cats the better. 🙂

I won’t, I won’t, enjoy the episode. 🙂

Good for you for being different and not going along with everyone else, my cliche self included, and claiming Aragon as their favorite (Gandalf is nearly my favorite though). I know a lot of people don’t like the Hobbit trilogy, but I actually really enjoyed it. There was some lazy animation and a few scenes I greatly disliked, but overall it was good.

Well, coming from a guy who started writing less than a month ago, I wouldn’t consider my outlining process to be anything worth taking notice of. xD But the way I’m doing it for now first making character profiles; then listing my chapters with a short summary for each chapter; then outlining the characters arcs through a list of chronological events; then fitting the story into the story structure system (in a loose manner). I also make small outlines for miscellaneous things such as the villains plan, character’s relationships, and major scene descriptions.


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