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I’ll do yours now 🙂 Beautiful pictures by the way!

Name: I’m thinking a name beginning with D – Delia, Delilah, Daniella

Age: In her late teens or early twenties

Career/role in story: Either the protagonist or a supporting character.

Personality: Extremely motivated, loyal, friendly, and she seems tough and no nonsense as well. She doesn’t waste any time, she likes to get things done. She seems like she would be honest and upfront with people and doesn’t tolerate anyone who talks down to her.

Would you be friends with this character?: I think so. She seems very confident and outgoing, so I wouldn’t be afraid to talk to her.

Any other details you might have gotten from the picture: She has pinkish hair and greenish blue skin, so I’m assuming she might be an alien or a magical creature of some sort? I have to say, her hair is TO DIE FOR   XD

What would this character’s nickname be? Umm maybe D or something like that. Nothing too extravagant.

Character’s greatest strength: Her unwavering loyalty to those she cares about and whatever cause she fights for.

Character’s fatal flaw: She can get a bit hot-headed if she thinking someone is undermining her.

Phrase that the character is likely to say: ‘I know what I’m doing, calm down!’

Character’s favorite color(s): Bright colours, like pink, blue and green 🙂

How did I do? 🙂

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