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Yesssss music is great. Although most of the time when I’m trying to work on something while listening to music, I get to into the song and forget to get anything done. XD

Unfortunately that happens to me far too often XD

What’s the idea for your villain?

It’s very complicated, but I’ll try to explain it as best as I can lol. So my villain (he’s more of a grey area type character) hates this other villainous character, they both seek revenge against one another. My WIP is based on Celtic myth so I was thinking about the general family tree of the magical beings and it suddenly hit me. In Medieval Ireland, noble families used to send their sons and daughters to other noble families very young so that they would be fostered by them. It was supposed to strengthen relations between the two families, and the children would probably grow up to become more familiar with their foster family rather than their blood relations. This societal tradition was also in the Irish mythological texts. So I thought oh why not make character A and character B foster brothers? It would certainly flesh out their backstories even more! XD

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