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Ooh, cool character! Here I go:

1)  Name: Addison, Marilyn, Mary-Anne. Something kind of long but classical, or maybe something short and spunky, like Isa, Leah, or Sara.

2)  Age: Mid-twenties, I think.

3)  Career/role-in-story: I think she’s either a teacher or an academic of some sort. Maybe an archeologist, geologist, or anthropologist? I think she’d be into the humanities and sciences.

4)  Personality: Bubbly, adventurous, optimistic, makes friends easily, sweet but determined. Quite stubborn and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her.

5)  Would you be friends with this character?: Totally! I feel like she’d be great to have conversations with!

6)  Any other details you might have gotten from the picture: She’s carrying a notebook, wearing (very cool) work boots, and wearing gloves, so I think her work involves some kind of manual labor and documenting stuff.

7)  What would this character’s nickname be?  Why?: No idea XD I’m terrible at nicknames.

8)  Character’s greatest strength: Confidence and intelligence!

9)  Character’s fatal flaw: She’s probably very driven and perfectionistic, and she might be critical of herself.

10)  Phrase that the character is likely to say: “Now, pay attention,” (IDK XD)

11) Character’s favorite color(s): I think earth tones, judging from her outfit!


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