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I have some experience around what-to-be writers.   My sister is working on a trilogy right now, and she has a few friends (some she met on kingdompen) who are also down that same alley. I’ve been doing practice writings (envisioning scenes, and then writing them out in a mix of prose and dialogue) and then have my sister and friend (an avid reader) look over them and give me tips. Maybe I’ll send some of y’all my practice writings so you can give me your advice.

I’d love to see them! That’s a great way to practice! Oh yeah, Kingdom Pen! I read the articles and newsletters, but I’m not on the forum.

Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot series is fantastic, but the best three are probably Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Death of Sir Roger Ackroyd.

Great! I’ll remember those, I’ve heard a lot about them!

I’ve got some cousins who love Flanagan’s books. I read most of the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and it was alright; but I will agree that a couple of the character’s relationship’s was the best part.

Totally! I feel like the series was best between books 5-9. Before that, the writing had little direction, and after that, the arc had ended and it felt like tacking onto a series that didn’t need it. And the plots have been deteriorating, honestly. But the ‘found family’ relationships between the characters were amazing and really well-rounded.

The False Prince is a great book. Probably one of the best single ya books I’ve read (the rest of the series is decent). My younger sister has read her historical fiction, I might try it sometimes, but I’m more of the medieval and renaissance guy.

Definitely! The first book was by far the best. After that, it started getting flatter, since the big secret was out. (It really could have benefitted from more pronounced themes and stronger character development, imo)

I love Sage though, he’s one of my all-time favorite protagonists. I think it’s one of the few series where the main character was actually the most interesting one. And the foreshadowing and twists in the first book were superb. I didn’t see it coming at all!

I’ve been considering getting into Dickens (I believe reading him makes me more sophisticated xD), and I’m sure I will someday, but a couple of my friends just tried to read Bleak House (partly by my coercion) and they couldn’t get a fourth through. But I’m still interested, particularly in David Copperfield.

I read (or actually listened to) Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. I want to listen to more some time, but I keep forgetting.

I’m working on a stand-alone novel set in medieval (around the year 1270) France. I’ve been outlining it for about a week now.

Awesome! The outline and the first few chapters (at least for me) were one of the hardest parts of getting started. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, so I just kinda bungled my way through it and outlined a novel that I now recognize as immensely, impressively terrible. LOL Though, I wrote the entire thing. (although I changed more than half of it when I figured out how bad my outline was)

Anyway, it turned out to be a trilogy instead of a standalone. That was not in my planning, but I had no idea how to approximate how much page time an event would fill.

I’m still working on that. I re-outlined the first book and got a start on rewriting it, but I paused that to finish drafting the second book. I’m 75k into that. (My planning was for the book to be 100k, but I think it might pass that since I’m only nearing the All is Lost moment.)

It’s about the princess of a desert tribe who has to rescue her brother from an enemy tribe before a war breaks out.

The setting is inspired by medieval North Africa, and I’m having a lot of fun with that.

Are you using a story structure for your outline?

Once you have your main character kind of planned out, it might help to put him/her into one of the Character castles on here! It’s helped me so much with solidifying my characters and figuring out more about them.

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