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Noah Cochran


The George MacDonald who write the Flashman series? I actually heard of him quite recently and was looking into his books. The way Sherlock Holmes is broken up into short stories, I can’t choose one. But I have read Sherlock Holmes books by around 7+ other authors. As you can see, I quite enjoy my Holmes and Watson. My favorite Christie book would have to be either Murder on the Orient Express, or The Murder of Sir Roger Ackroyd, but there are many other fantastic Hercule Poirot books.

You as well. 🙂



I have some experience around what-to-be writers. 🙂 My sister is working on a trilogy right now, and she has a few friends (some she met on kingdompen) who are also down that same alley. I’ve been doing practice writings (envisioning scenes, and then writing them out in a mix of prose and dialogue) and then have my sister and friend (an avid reader) look over them and give me tips. Maybe I’ll send some of y’all my practice writings so you can give me your advice. 🙂

Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot series is fantastic, but the best three are probably Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Death of Sir Roger Ackroyd.

I’ve got some cousins who love Flanagan’s books. I read most of the ranger’s apprentice series, and it was alright; but I will agree that a couple of the character’s relationship’s was the best part. 🙂

The False Prince is a great book. Probably one of the best single ya books I’ve read (the rest of the series is decent). My younger sister has read her historical fiction, I might try it sometimes, but I’m more of the medieval and renaissance guy.

I’ve been considering getting into Dickens (I believe reading him makes me more sophisticated xD), and I’m sure I will someday, but a couple of my friends just tried to read Bleak House (partly by my coercion) and they couldn’t get a fourth through. But I’m still interested, particularly in David Copperfield.

“I started about a year ago, and the idea was fueled by boredom and frustration with returning way too many disappointing books”

I can not agree with this statement enough Rose. I get so tired of picking up a medieval fiction or fantasy and it being chuck full of things I don’t like or just badly written. So well said. :p

I’m working on a stand alone novel set in medieval (around the year 1270) France. I’ve been outlining it for about a week now.

You as well!




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