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Hi Noah, I’m Rose!

I decided to try out story embers to see what y’all are like.

Well, first of all, we’re all weird to some extent or other, so welcome to the platform where weirdos nerd over very specific things! Yay!! XD Jk, (kinda) but everyone on here is amazing, and I’ve learned so much here!

My favorite genre is the medieval era, and I read a lot of history in that time period (Dan Jones and Frances Gies being my favorite history authors). I also enjoy Victorian era crime fiction by authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Willkie Collins, and Agatha Christie. As for medieval fiction, that’s harder to come by, but Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland is fantastic.

Ooh, cool! I love Arthur Conan Doyle as well! I have yet to read Agatha Christie, but I do want to sometime! What book of hers do you recommend?

I love reading and writing historically-inspired fantasy or historical fiction. (and yelling at authors about how corsets do and do not work and how horses aren’t motorcycles.)

My favorite books include Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband by John Flanagan. (There’s a lot to improve about those books, but the main relationships are so awesome they save the whole series XD), The False Prince series by Jennifer Nielsen, and her historicals, (especially Resistance).

Hmm, what else? I like Dickens when I can listen to it as an audiobook so I don’t have to suffer through four pages of description, (Great Expectations was my favorite) and I love stuff like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women.

I started writing about a month ago, but I have always loved to read and been interested in writing for a while now.

Cool! I started about a year ago, and the idea was fueled by boredom and frustration with returning way too many disappointing books.

What’s the premise of your current WIP?

Anyhow, hope to see you around!


Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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