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Exactly! America was built on Christian principles, it is inalienably and explicitly integral to the Constitution. But those same principles written to protect religion has been twisted and warped to attack what it was meant to defend. Media has hyper-sensitized us to race issues which just perpetuates the problem. Hate breeds hate and fighting back just increases the hate. The only way to “solve” as racism problem is with Love. Instead of inflicting every aspect of the problem so people can’t breath without feeling confined to arbitrary “nondiscriminatory” rules, why aren’t we celebrating the positives of each race, sect, class, religion. With all this talk about diversity I’m not seeing a lot of people actually celebrate diversity unless it’s to spite some other group.
God taught us to love and we and we attack each other over how he meant it. And like Jesus said, you can’t have love without Him. You have to love God before you can even try to love anyone else. Without Love at the center of all our actions even the best government system in the world crumbles under petty and selfish interests.

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