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Wow, that picture’s awesome!

Thank you! <3

1)  Name:  Ranya, Neruna, Zuri, Adah?  (I’m just making up names lol)

Those are all awesome names! *Quickly scribbles them down* Her name is actually Sahar, which means dawn in Arabic and moon in Hebrew. (I like both meanings!)

2)  Age:  17

She’s 18, so you’re really close!

3)  Career/role-in-story:  I’d say she’s a side character, friend to the MC;  possibly the chieftain’s daughter or a princess

She’s the MC’s best friend, so, spot on! She isn’t a princess though, but my MC is.

4)  Personality:  creative, bold, fun-loving, loyal, extroverted


5)  Would you be friends with this character?:  yeah!!

Good choice, she’s absolutely fabulous and one of my favorite characters!

6)  Any other details you might have gotten from the picture:  she looks exotic, maybe African or from an African-type culture?

My WIP is set in a North-African-inspired setting, so exactly right!

7)  What would this character’s nickname be?  Why?:  Waris means desert flower in African, so something like that

That’s such a cool name! She doesn’t actually have a nickname though.

8)  Character’s greatest strength:  being able to step outside of her comfort zone

Yep! And she’s always hopeful and extremely loyal.

9)  Character’s fatal flaw:  I could see her getting impatient with people, I don’t know why tho, lol

She does sometimes! She also has a tendency to feel responsible to keep everyone happy and if you once get on her wrong side, it’s over and she’s not changing her mind XD

10)  Phrase that the character is likely to say:  “Don’t hesitate, you might miss something!”


11) Character’s favorite color(s):  I’ll take a wild guess and say purple

How did you ever guess? XD Correct!

You guessed really well for this one! You got almost all of them right! Thanks for guessing!

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