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Emma Walker


Wow, she’s gorgeous!  did u make those?

No, most of my faceclaims are just stuff I found online, although I have some fan art by friends and a few sketches by myself. These were found online. 😉

1) Name:  Taliya, Alaya, Riana?  Something melodic.

Hmm you were kinda close with Alaya. Her name is Aylin Chio, I’m not sure if that’s melodic or not XD

2) Age:  19 or 21

Umm I actually dunno… late teen definitely tho, so you’re pretty good.

3) Career/role in story:  she’s probably a secondary character, maybe a soldier and ally to the MC?

Well her role is really complicated.
A certain kid was kidnapped by a Sith lady and raised on Pantora, you know the planet where the blue skinned people live? XD While she trained this kid in the Force he was often rebellious and ran off to play with some kids on the streets, one of whom was Aylin, who was technically an orphan that lived on the streets.
She is his best friend, and then later he has to leave to do Sith ness, so she decided to join the rebellion, not knowing that she would be on opposite sides as he.
But she runs into this guy that looks a lot like her friend, but he’s his brother, and so she ends up joining the Danu-Windu clan her friend’s fam) in a way, since she has no one else.

4) Personality:  intelligent, tactical, reserved, creative

Yes, for all those, she’s pretty smart from learning to live on her own for years. She’s definitely reserved though, and polite, especially to the family that took her in. She’s also confident, a bit snarky to her closer companions.

5) Would you be friends with this character?:  yeah… if she’d be friends with me, lol

I think she’d be your friend as long as she was sure she could trust you.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: she looks like a soldier in the first one, but she also seems sweet and shy in the second one.  Maybe she had a rough past that hardened her?

Definitely a hard past, she lost her parents, lived on the streets, in an Oliver Twist kind of feel, that life definitely hardened her. But she’s quiet and not noticeable, so that kind of disposition helps her appear innocent.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?:  Lia?  she looks like a Lia to me.

Could be maybe, but she’d probably have some sort of street name like Slick or something.

8) Character’s greatest strength:  intelligence and tactical abilities

Yes, also she listens. Her quiet attitude as well.

9) Character’s fatal flaw:  self-isolating and blocking out her emotions

Yes, she does do that a lot, but also it’s hard for her to trust people.

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say:  “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.”

She may say that. I can see her saying that, aiming a gun at someone but probably like dreading actually shooting the person.

11) Character’s favorite color(s):  blue or soft green

I think so, but maybe also a light or soft yellow.

That was fun and definitely helpful.

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