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Wow, that picture’s awesome!

1)  Name:  Ranya, Neruna, Zuri, Adah?  (I’m just making up names lol)

2)  Age:  17

3)  Career/role-in-story:  I’d say she’s a side character, friend to the MC;  possibly the chieftain’s daughter or a princess

4)  Personality:  creative, bold, fun-loving, loyal, extroverted

5)  Would you be friends with this character?:  yeah!!

6)  Any other details you might have gotten from the picture:  she looks exotic, maybe African or from an African-type culture?

7)  What would this character’s nickname be?  Why?:  Waris means desert flower in African, so something like that

8)  Character’s greatest strength:  being able to step outside of her comfort zone

9)  Character’s fatal flaw:  I could see her getting impatient with people, I don’t know why tho, lol

10)  Phrase that the character is likely to say:  “Don’t hesitate, you might miss something!”

11) Character’s favorite color(s):  I’ll take a wild guess and say purple 😉


Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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