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Her name means “Light upon me”, which did lead to a lot of dark/light symbolism throughout the story XD And your name is reallypretty!

Wow thats so cool! I have an obsession with picking the right names for my characters depending on name meanings. And thank you, thats really nice of you🥰

1) Name: Some kind of unusual fantasy name, I think… He kind of looks like a Maxon?

He kind of does look like a Maxon😂 His actual name is Lorcan. It was Duane for a long long time but I wasn’t happy with it so I changed it. I’m much happier with this one now 🙂

2) Age: Early to mid-twenties.

Well done 😉

3) Career/Role in Story: Love interest or maybe a villain turned ally?

You’re so accurate its scary😱😅

4) Personality: He seems confident, possibly arrogant. I think he’s kind of the anti-hero type, and he might have a really dark backstory.

Yes, yes, yes and yes! I haven’t completely figured out his backstory yet, but he will have major family issues. Hint: he may or may not be an illegitimate child who is ignored by the father and bullies by his perfect handsome older brother *gasp*


5) Would you be friends with that character?: Maybe? He kinda intimidates me LOL

Lorcan has a hard time when it comes to making friends as he inly trusts his inner circle. He generally accepts the fact that he will always be seen as the bad guy due to his heritage and his associations. He believes that it is better to be feared and respected, so he probably would figure out first how he could use you for his own benefit. He might even do it while pretending to have a deep conversation and drinking wine 😅


6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: He has a lot of facial scars and he seems to be wearing armor, so I assume he has combat experience. I also think his weapon of choice might be close-range. I don’t think he has any powers.

So close-range would be his go-to yes, as he has super strength and durability so he usually fights without weapons, but he also has teleportation powers and instant healing abilities, meaning he has a huge advantage in most fights.


7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Umm… I don’t think anyone would dare to give him a nickname XD

You’re right on that XD he‘s far too powerful and scary, no one would be dumb enough to try that with him. The future love of his life will probably give a nickname like Lor or something.

8) Character’s greatest strength: Probably determination and courage.

I think thats accurate too, when he wants something nothing stops him. I think its also his ability to love. He loves his tribe and would go through fiery hell for them – its the motivation behind many if his decisions.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: I think he’s too closed off and has trouble forming relationships with other characters.

You’re partially right on that. I think its the fact that he can’t voice his feelings properly, particularly because he always puts his love for his people first and foremost. He refuses to officially join the war against evil because he doesn’t want to put his tribe in danger. So he is in the grey area, serving both sides in different ways.

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: (I honestly don’t have a clue XD)


It’s probably ‘Good evening a stór,’ or something similar. He would definitely say something that is flirty, humorous and intimidating.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): Probably darker colors, maybe gray?

Those would be the colours he wears the most – but I think his favourite colour would be blue, because his people are sea invaders 🙂


Overall really well done! You got most of it right! 😄 thanks for guessing 🙂

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