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Brian Stansell



the science kit safety-goggles and wrap a dishcloth over your mouth and nose for that as long as you get out within say five, ten minutes? No wait lol just wear your mask like the government says and add goggles.

I’m going total Iron Man…maskless…

…if I could only get the bubble gum off of these toothpick fuses then maybe my web-shooters will actually work. [Dadgum that MacGyver! Why didn’t he ever just draw a diagram for us visual learners?]

I did try to build cardboard wings and jump off a roof once…

…some think I landed on my head…

…and that would supposedly explain why I am this way…
[Note to Self: I shoulda let… THEM… go first off that roof and just take some notes on the “DaVinci” experiment.]

Aahh, The Red Green Show. Are you in for much laughter. YouTube has many clips of it. Just use the following search text “the red green show handyman corner” and you will be hooked. 😉

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