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Ha! Ha! Admit it, Cathy. You did try a MaGyverism didn’t you? I always wondered how he would make a “bomb” out of a stick of gum, like on the promo commercials.

No way! 😅 Well…my mom wouldn’t let me have a pocketknife so that cut out like half his tricks (for some reason she seemed to be under the impression I’d use it irresponsibly 😛 ). I never actually saw the episode with the gum bomb although I have heard about it. You can’t make a bomb out of bubble gum tho. But you can start a fire by wrapping the aluminum wrapper on the top and bottom of a battery and pressing it into something flammable which I haven’t actually like started a fire like that but it can zing your fingers in the first couple seconds.
Putting chocolate on an acid leak is just dumb (not to mention wasteful) and 3D glasses don’t equal nightvision goggles and pinecones don’t blow up if you go pyromaniac on them XD.

But empty Dr Pepper cans sure do! Especially if you hoist one inside a cardboard tube and cover one end in the firepit you’re dutifully burning like a totally proper dutiful daughter. Although if you actually wanna stop someone it’s pretty lame; just kinda pops a couple feet the moment you give up on it and start to walk away.
Although…my guess would be the gum acted as a fastener to the fuse or something if it did work as a bomb. No wait, maybe if he stuck something combustive like gunpowder or just maybe baking soda or some powdered cleaner between the gum and the wrapper then stuck some toothpicks dipped in cooking oil in like a fuse…More of a popper than an actual bomb but if you can throw it and make enough, better yet if you stuff a pile of them in the microwave or on a hot stove and skidaddle them home invaders better run.
But it’s like waaay easier to get a gas mask and mix bleach with vinegar. You could probably use those legally required with the science kit safety-goggles and wrap a dishcloth over your mouth and nose for that as long as you get out within say five, ten minutes? No wait lol just wear your mask like the government says and add goggles.
…Like I said I totally didn’t try MaGyverism 😁

Hmm, are you sure? XD I hold to my opinion that everything can be fixed with duct tape, bailing twine, and a pocketknife LOL

And bubble gum! 😛

Duct Tape, Bailing Wire, and a Swiss army knife and we get’er done. I think the Canadians also have a “Northern” version. Ever watch “The Red Green Show” with comedian Steve Smith?  I love his “Handy Man Corner” segments.

I have never heard of The Red Green Show, what’s it about?

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