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1) Name: Kharissa?  (I thought she looked kinda like a Nightsister or something lol

Actually I really like that name, she is a Nightsister, yes, but only because her mother and great grandmother both were, but her father was part Chiss, like that of Grand admiral Thrawn. Her father had a Chiss name, so she does too. It’s Kamas’he’yZeradin or Shey is her core name. Her Lothcat’s name is Rancor, named after a creature that heavily populates Dathomir, where Nightsisters live.

2) Age: Probably 16?

My fanfic series covers many many years, but that picture specifically is in 1Aby when she is indeed sixteen, good job!

3) Career/Role in Story: Definitely the MC.  She strikes me as an outcast kinda person, so maybe she was a Nightsister but ended up leaving and going to be a bounty hunter or assassin or something.

She technically isn’t a traditional Nightsister, because by the time she was born there were so very few. Her mother was Mandalorian and her father was an Iridonian-Zabrak/Chiss/ Tholothian/Mirialan Jedi that originally was from the planet Mirial.
So she’s part of her family’s Mandalorian clan/rebel cell, clan Danu-Windu, and like a few of her cousins, she was trained in the ways of the Force to be a Jedi.
However she took on an interest with the Nightsisters and begged her great grandmother and mother to teach her their ways, so by the age of twelve, she was pretty much a Jedi Knight, and was also a master in the Magick and used of the Dark Side, and so she’s a combination of Jedi-Witch-Sith, I haven’t come up with a name for that tho. Fortunately she knows how to use the dark side without giving in to anger and falling.
So yea, she aids in the rebellion with her fam and later starts dating a guy named Jai Kell, and if you’re familiar with Star Wars Rebels then you probably know of the guy. 😉 XD that was a lot.

4) Personality: Clever, competitive, thrill-seeking, snarky

She is clever Yea, definitely thrill seeking, I’m not sure if she’s competitive since I haven’t yet given her an opportunity to see that. I guess she can be snarky, but she’s usually more just joking around and sarcastic and playful.
She’s really bright and bubbly, serious only if it’s a super serious situation or if her excited bubbly bubble is popped by someone. She does tend to have nightmares, especially about her dad. Even using the dark side she is really just very protective and courageous, not dark.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: Yeah, she looks pretty cool to hang around.

Same tho lol

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: she’s eclectic, or at least makes eclectic friends (lol) and maybe she likes sword fighting or practicing with a stolen lightsaber… wait, maybe she’s also a thief/pickpocket???

She is a pretty strange one, indeed, and her family in general may be somewhat wack and complicated. Lol yea her pet is a hilarious furball that’s fierce sometimes but not all the time. Her lightsaber is her own, not stolen, and it’s a broad saber style that looks very similar to a Nightsister dagger or knife. She’s not necessarily a pickpocket but she has been known to swipe things from Imperials.

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Huntress (if we’re still thinking Nightsister/bounty hunter)

I guess it could be, but that name would probably fit her cousin better I think.
Shey itself is technically just a nickname from her Chiss name, and I don’t believe I’ve given her any other nicknames… hm

8) Character’s greatest strength: Intelligence, getting out of tough scrapes

Yes, and yes she does that often as a rebel lol but probably her love for her family tops that.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: arrogance, maybe?  overly self-confident?

Not arrogant, she’s never overly confident, probably just some fear from her nightmares and visions that come from the Dark side. She’s a really complicated chara lol

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: (after a fight/chase through the city) “Well that was fun!”

Honestly yea, with a big cheery smile on her face. I should use that one actually.

11) Character’s favorite color(s): Imma go out on a limb and say pink and black

Hmm yea probably pink, not black. She wears a lot of maroons and a little red, but green or gold could possibly be a favorite.

Wow XD that was fun lol. Hope I didn’t bore you with all that lol.

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