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Favorite historical time period? Yikes! That’s hard. Perhaps Reformation times and the World Wars. Really all of history. I love finding out little bits of God’s amazing providence in stories that are not well known. History is so fascinating!

Ooh, yes the Reformation is very interesting! The World Wars are bit too intense for me, though. I know they’re a part of our history, and we should learn about it, but I’ve never enjoyed it.

 E.B.B. was a fun character to write and I considered at first writing the book all from his own perspective (he was the first character I had made before I even knew the story’s plot), but as I fleshed out where the story was going, there was just too much of the plot that he wasn’t around for or wouldn’t have known about.

Aww ok.  I bet your other narrator(s) are just as fun. 🙂

Sometimes characters almost seem to write themselves. Do you ever get that feeling?’

Definitely. I’ve had to change so many parts of plots because my characters just decide to write themselves. When they write themselves, then the actions I planned they would take or things they would say are out of character, so I have to re-write or just scrap the idea.

Oooh… good!!! That was exactly what I wanted the readers to notice about the girl. Completely what I was going for!

Yay! Good job on that.

Anyways, this comment made my day. I’m off to writing!

Glad I could encourage a fellow writer. 😀

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