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Of course Liorah LOL Who else?

Haha XD. I haven’t actually done zipties yet tho; I only have two zipties to practice with and if I don’t get it right the first time I don’t have anything else to practice with and if I start trying to buy zipties my parents might become (more) concerned XD. But it’s all about leverage! (And paracord if you don’t have enough brute strength XD)

LOL, I know a lot of stuff technically, but I’ve never tried it XD Lockpicking and getting out of duct-tape among them XD

I didn’t really like McGyver all that much since a lot of his tricks don’t actually work in real life (I’m totally innocent this time! I know that second hand not first hand I promise!).

Hmm, are you sure? XD I hold to my opinion that everything can be fixed with duct tape, bailing twine, and a pocketknife LOL



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