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However, if you want to make absolutely sure that the ‘don’t try this at home’ message comes through, you could briefly have your characters think about the possible negative consequences. For example, in my WIP, there’s a scene where my MC is doing some trick riding on her horse, and she just briefly thinks of the time when she was ten and broke her ankle when she landed wrong. Something like that actually enhances your story since it adds a bit of tension to the scenario.

Liorah? Also yes! Describing how dangerous and stupid their actions are really helps with the tension I second!

Ya know, I think I should be surprised, but for some reason, I’m not LOL XD

Haha XD. I haven’t actually done zipties yet tho; I only have two zipties to practice with and if I don’t get it right the first time I don’t have anything else to practice with and if I start trying to buy zipties my parents might become (more) concerned XD. But it’s all about leverage! (And paracord if you don’t have enough brute strength XD)

I was a big fan of the McGyver TV series with Richard Dean Anderson. Not so much the re-make. It does have great fan appeal. I also love the old Peter Falk “Colombo” series, and his clever, but disarming and comical investigative prowess, does leave out certain fine points of investigative procedure deliberately so. At times, Colombo would have to improvise to get the villain to implicate themselves when the sleuth work failed to clinch the perp.

Oh I loved Colombo’s personality he had so many cute quirks like “just one more question”. I didn’t really like McGyver all that much since a lot of his tricks don’t actually work in real life (I’m totally innocent this time! I know that second hand not first hand I promise!).

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