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Hello! Yes a lot of my posts disappeared including my reply to you, so I will write out my reply again, its no problem at all 🙂

Ooh what’s the idea you had? (If you don’t mind sharing?

Of course I’d love to share it! It’s a strange one… But I had a dream about a deadly machine where you put two people in and the machine decides which person deserves to live the most, depending on skills, strength and worth. Kind of like survival of the fittest.

And what was the idea you got, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

Nice! I like when authors do that sort of thing with different creatures/races. Adds a little tension and makes for a nice plot device.

Thanks! I think even though it feels overused, there’s always something unique you can pull with that trope lol

(Ok, yeah I’m very certain now lol. I remember this conversation. Sorry again. I don’t know why I can’t see some posts anymore.

Oh that’s totally fine, don’t worry. Some of the posts disappeared, it was some sort of bug 🙁 I think it happened to most people. It’s very annoying isn’t it!


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