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Thank you for your prayer. It was a wonderful thing to wake up to, and I really appreciate it.

I hope you have an amazing day and that you are able to see God in all the little things of life – from the simple falling of a leaf to the kindness of a stranger at a WalMart. 🙂



Yeah so you did post that and I actually responded but a ton if last weeks posts got deleted for some reason.

AH HA! My memory is not that terrible. XD

Yeahh… I kinda thought that but once Jen entered my mind, there was no turning back….

I really like Sawen though!

Lol I know the feeling. It’s very easy to fall down rabbit holes.

And I’m glad you like it!

You Story Embers people are too nice  but thank you.

You’re very welcome. 🙂

Well now you have to put that in there. And also a fourteen year old horse trainer from a nearby village named Erynne has come to give her loads of books because she understands the pain of not having many.

Oh, for sure. And she will carry one book that Erynne gave her wherever she goes, since it’s her favorite of all the books. And it will be called _*insert title of Erynne’s WIP*__ 😀

*bows repeatedly* thank you, thank you! Oh no, please that’s enough cheers! Thank you, you are all so kind! Please, I am not really that incredible am I? *gets hit in the face with tomato* yup…thought so.

*takes tomato from Erynne* *makes spaghetti* *throws spaghetti party*

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