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 (Erynne) had the great idea to start this game (see 1st Post).  She titled it including the word “Useless”, but it is anything but that.  I think it is a brilliant idea and gets the creative juices flowing, both for the guessers and for the originators.

Well thank you Brian! That is very kind!



Yeah so you did post that and I actually responded but a ton if last weeks posts got deleted for some reason.

That scribble at the bottom is my signature. You can ignore that.

Yeahh… I kinda thought that but once Jen entered my mind, there was no turning back….

I really like Sawen though!

Yep, spot on. Her father owns a small farm and she helped around the farm until she married her husband (a baker).

Oh wow! I was hoping I got that part close because if not you would’ve had to change it to that because that’s exactly what she looks like her career would be.

Are you kidding??? She’d love to be friend! You’re a great person and she’d have a lot of fun with you.

You Story Embers people are too nice 😂 but thank you.

Hadn’t thought of that, but yes crying in a barn loft sounds like something she would do. And, yes she likes books, although they’re harder to come by in her little village.

Well now you have to put that in there. And also a fourteen year old horse trainer from a nearby village named Erynne has come to give her loads of books because she understands the pain of not having many.

Indeed you did! So much for me trying to make things harder

*bows repeatedly* thank you, thank you! Oh no, please that’s enough cheers! Thank you, you are all so kind! Please, I am not really that incredible am I? *gets hit in the face with tomato* yup…thought so.

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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