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I noticed you mentioned certain posts were not showing up, so forgive me if I had already replied to this, or if you had said a new different thing I’m not seeing. (Because I was almost certain that I had replied to this, but I guess not lol)

Wow walks can be so beneficial sometimes! I’ve found that it helps to clear my head sometimes and helps me to figure out stories too   Dreams too are an odd source of inspiration for me. I literally had a dream two days ago that I am half considering putting in my WIP, just because it’s such a dark but cool idea.

Ooh what’s the idea you had? (If you don’t mind sharing? 🙂 )

Oh good, yes so my main character is part human, part Fae and part something else   this will be one of the main reasons why she becomes rather ostracised by many others even though she’s basically one of the saviours. She’s a bit of everything

Nice! I like when authors do that sort of thing with different creatures/races. Adds a little tension and makes for a nice plot device.

(Ok, yeah I’m very certain now lol. I remember this conversation. Sorry again. I don’t know why I can’t see some posts anymore. 🙁  )


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