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Well I replied, but the internet went out, so I guess it never posted….dangit. XD


Name: So, I think I see ‘Jen’ in the bottom corner and even if I don’t, I still say she looks like a Jenny. Before I thought I saw Jen, I was thinking Nia or something that starts with a N

That scribble at the bottom is my signature. You can ignore that. 🙂

Her name is Sawen, although I was considering Nia. I only ruled it out because I already have a different character named Nia lol.

Age: 16-20

Yeah…22, but close enough. 🙂

Career/Role in Story: she looks like she works/ lives in a village doing chores around a farm

Yep, spot on. Her father owns a small farm and she helped around the farm until she married her husband (a baker).

Personality: shy, quiet, and slightly independent. Definitely a people pleaser

Well, people pleaser and a little independent, yes, but she’s actually very bubbly and extroverted. XD

Would you be friends with that character?: I could I guess, but tbh, she probably wouldn’t want to be my friend XD

Are you kidding??? She’d love to be friend! You’re a great person and she’d have a lot of fun with you. 😀

Any other details you may have gotten from picture: she is a book lover and often runs off to her favorite hiding spot, the loft in the barn, to cry. She also apologizes way too much

Hadn’t thought of that, but yes crying in a barn loft sounds like something she would do. And, yes she likes books, although they’re harder to come by in her little village.

Character’s greatest strength: passion

Yep. And Selflessness.

Character’s fatal flaw: fear of everything but especially abandonment

Not really everything, but abandonment, yes. And Selflessness lol. Greatest strength is greatest weakness.

Phrase that this character is likely to say: ummmm “I don’t deserve this”


Boom. Nailed that.

Indeed you did! So much for me trying to make things harder. 😛

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