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Brian Stansell

@bclarke (Bronte)

I am adding Bronte to our fun here!








Bronte has some amazing art for her characters that I am sure you all will love!

Her WIP is fascinating and she has some very interesting characters.  Would love for her to join in this game.

Bronte is a teacher so the school term is just about up for the break, so it may be a few days or so before she joins.


(Erynne) had the great idea to start this game (see 1st Post).  She titled it including the word “Useless”, but it is anything but that.  I think it is a brilliant idea and gets the creative juices flowing, both for the guessers and for the originators.


Post a picture of any of your characters. Either one you or someone else has drawn or just a picture you found on Google that you decided should be your character.

Then someone else answers these questions (found below) about that character. That person has to completely guess the answers based on that characters appearance.

Then that person posts a picture of one of their characters and someone else answers the questions based on appearance and so on.

Am I making sense?

1) Name:

2) Age:

3) Career/Role in Story:

Possible Add: 3a) Faith stance of the Character:

4) Personality:

5) Would you be friends with that character?:

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture:

(Lona) added some good criteria as well on June 6, 2021 at 11:19 pm:

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why? :

8) Character’s greatest strength:

9) Character’s fatal flaw:

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say:

I would like to add one more, if possible.

11) Character’s favorite color(s):

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