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I have a unique origin story in my WIP for a creature that lurked in the earlier of Greco-Roman mythologies of our present world.  He is called “The Pan”, and legends and lies have sprung up in ancient Surface World stories around this cursed half-man/half-beast creature.  In my tale, he once had a human name, before the ram he mocked the sacrifice to the Most High with, became half of what he is now.  [No, he is not “The Devil,” but he most certainly is in league with that ancient Accuser who knows his leash is short and his reckoning is soon to come.] May you have a blessed evening and may you celebrate your father along with Our Heavenly One that has no end to His Perfect Love.

Ooh that sounds like a really interesting villain! Oh I forgot! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Or late Father’s Day, lol…

I have yet to read in Scripture where God councils us to be timid when He calls for obedience. To leave the outcome to Him.  That said, I do not expect a new Christian, until they have grown into a mature walk with the Lord and gained a greater understanding of God’s Word, to lead into these areas.  It does take a more mature faith and a loving sensitivity to the Spirit of the Lord in what to write or say to them.  But if God leads, do it. Don’t look to disqualify yourself or make excuses, follow The One in His Love Path to reach them.

He says so often to be fearless that the world will try to destroy you but He overcame the world. He says don’t be afraid for every action, even in the Garden when He was so afraid He sweat blood but He loved more than He feared and died for us, each of us, even if we reject Him and choose to go to hell He still died for us without any reserve.
So even if it’s useless we must love without any reserve.

Thank you for the tag Cathy. <3 I’m actually writing… a small bit, about sexual trafficking right now. At least… it’s the inciting event. </3 Very hard.

*hugs tightly!* Thanks for coming! I’d thought you’d have heavy themes <3 <3
I do have an underlining thread of a theme on sexual trafficking too but the main focus there is the attitude. That it still counts, even if no one touches you, being seen that way is its own kind of assault. But I’m also writing themes about LGBTQA in a Christian light, so that too.
One thing I’ve noticed though, most people don’t really address male sex trafficking victims. It’s a thought at least, they’re the kind of sins most people don’t want to really talk about. Murder is actually a more “accepted” sin in literature, perhaps because there’s a subconscious realization in everyone that losing the body is better than harming the soul so deeply.

I think I heard that the APA used to classify homosexuality as a mental illness or disorder, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it like you (Cathy) before. You seem to have some great insights. Do you have any resources you could share that have led you to those  conclusions?

Oh thanks! I…I actually don’t have a lot of resources, I just kinda talked to a lot of different people and saw a lot of different perspectives. I mean, I live in a very devote Catholic family and my best friend all-out supports LGBTQA and rejected her parents’ Christianity for that just a couple months ago. So things happened in my life and I read through the Courage support group’s resources, I wanted to be able to explain–even before my friend adapted those beliefs–with logic and moral conviction to the point that I could give reasonable explanations to an atheist why this was wrong because I mean God never forbids anything arbitrarily.
So I was already a bit of a psychology geek there and I just kinda starting entering LGBTQA character’s POVs and at first it was stiff and very Straw Man Fallacy-ish but the more normalized it was through media and the more invested I became in understanding it and treating my characters as people first like I do with all my neurodiverse characters (I really like writing about mental disorders and handicapped characters I guess it’s kinda my think XD)

I don’t see any moral issue with asexuality, as long as you don’t desire a romantic partner of the same sex. I’ve heard Christians point to the verse in Matthew about some eunuchs being born eunuchs to justify asexuality. I personally think the verse is more in reference to people who are infertile, but it’s an interesting thought. Marriages for most of history have been based not on sexual attraction anyway (of course nobility would often have outside affairs, but that’s a different issue…)

Yes, I’ve thought about that verse that way for a while now, especially as I’ve never experienced any physical attraction to people before, although that may very well just be my sheltered life so far, I’m cool either way 🙂
I really don’t think it’s wrong to identify with LGBTQA either as accepting this as a particular temptation/mental state/a way to describe this difference to people who don’t experience it, the same way people can be bipolar or schizophrenic; the fact that it’s a wrong perception of reality doesn’t diminish the fact that schizophrenia hears voices and hallucinates, bipolar is swept with mania and depression and that’s simply not something they can stop experiencing even though it can “get better” and they’re still responsible for not willfully sinning.
So one thing I’ve been trying, getting some of my LGBTQA character to just have that and still live Christian lives. It would give validation to the person more and a positive example that kinda gives people a chance to accept this as a condition and normalize coming to terms with that in a healthy way.

I really do want to touch on LGBT in my writing. So many Christians are so hateful toward these people. I want to give a balanced, loving but true perspective. When I think about my own tendencies, I am convinced that had I not grown up in a Christian home, I would be declaring myself trans or genderfluid. I don’t suffer from gender dysphoria, but right now in our culture, queerness is trendy and I believe many teens and young adults have jumped on LGBT’s trendiness. It’s cool. There’s the attraction to declare your own identity. And don’t all we humans want to declare our identity apart from God?

See yes! It’s like all other sins we can love the sinner but this sin is our spiritual leper. And we all know how well Jesus social-distanced :P. But we still want them to stay away and shout ‘unclean’.
I certainly would’ve experimented with gender and sexuality if I weren’t raised Catholic, yes.


I must get back to Communism tomorrow with all my excessive economics/sociological studies it’s getting near my bedtime curse human constrains of time and bodily needs!!! We don’t even stay charged as long as drained AA batteries!!!!

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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