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Thank you for commenting VERY much. I’m re-reading it to hope it sinks in fully through my deep thick troubled skull.

It’s incredibly helpful to have someone you can go to in order to dump the ideals on and more so that it’s your sister! So much blessings that is! I only have people online to ideal dump in vent style, which I guess will have to be enough for the time being till God sees fit to bring like minded friends into my world.

I’ve always thought – hoped that there was people out there that care about my writing and want to read it as I know there are people around that care about me, even though I don’t regularly see it. I know Jesus cares and loves me and sends my furry girls to me when I’m sobbing and feeling down. I admit I just need to hear someone read what I express and am building that it’s worthy, exciting or interesting, etc because I grew up never getting that support and validation from my parents.

My spirit is heavy this night. Thank you again for your time. <3


May God bless you!

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