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My wife came from a Communist country, so we know firsthand where that pernicious philosophy leads

My family too fled a Communist nation, all they had was a fake telegram to get them over the border. It’s only by the grace of God that they succeeded, otherwise I would have never existed. My story makes a jab at Communism and Fascism, the government in it promotes ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ and ‘peace for all’, all the while censoring media and promoting themselves as living gods to be worshipped.


Marxism truly is a Satanic lie, the very core of their beliefs reject the possibility of religion or morality by negating individuality and personal responsibility.

Totally agree, it literally breaks my heart seeing it get promoted everywhere. A family member (who by the way is alive because their family escaped Communism) once said to me ‘Gosh you know what Neasa! There’s no such thing as Communists anymore! They’re all GONE!’

Umm then what are China, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba then HMMM? And what are People Before Profit aka the party of young Irish wannabe Socialists whinging about people owning their own houses and land, while at the same time living, thriving and surviving because of the free market and capitalism??? Jeepers I just can’t with people sometimes :'(

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