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Okay, the posts seem to be showing up normally, so I’ll tell you all how close you were!


Name: Nasrin, Dulcina, Humra, Rhodia, Varda, Wardah? (These are all floral-related names since the picture seems to indicate them prominently.)


Name: Delilah or Phoebe or Selene – any name that come from the Ancient World I think

I actually have another character named Nesrin! I included the poppies since I was doing a series with all my female characters with flowers that I thought suited them.

Her name is Liorah, a Hebrew name, so it’s kinda an ancient name! It does sound pretty close to all your guesses.


2) Age: 18-23


Age: Late teens to early twenties

You both guessed the same ages! You were kinda close, she’s 16 at the start of the first book, but she does look a bit older than she is.


3) Career/Role in Story: Possibly the MC. She may sell flowers in the marketplace. I’m thinking of an open-air bazaar or some foreign (non-US) exotic marketplace. Possibly even on a remote tropical island.


Career/Role in Story: Supporting character and/or friend of the MC.

She’s the MC! She does live in a fantasy setting inspired by North Africa, so that’s kinda close!


3 a) Faith: My sense is she is yearning to know the God who made the intricately designed flowers. Nothing in all human creation can ever seem to approximate such intricate beauty, design, vivid colors, and symmetry. Such aromatic fragrances, and gentle and soft petals, surely reflect a God of intimacy and tenderness. Perhaps, the prevailing religion of her world presents gods to her that does not seem capable of such careful beauty and personal wonder.

That’s a very cool backstory! Liorah is actually a believer, but her struggles include the fact that she’s kind of going through the motions and keeping Him at a distance because she believes that everyone will eventually leave her and that rejecting herself and not letting anyone get close might keep her from getting hurt. That also influences her faith.

Now, this is the point where it gets interesting XD


4): Personality: I think she is a quiet, gentle spirit, fearful in many ways. Dreading who her father might give her away to as if she is nothing but mere coinage to curry favor with those in position or has something he truly wants, rather than her.  She believes she is nothing more than a mere asset, a token to barter with, and as such she feels very insecure and unloved. Looking at flowers, she yearns for a god who would so lovingly cherish her, even as He clearly cherished the flowers she admires and wishes she could be.  She seeks what she fails to find in her father. Someone who sees her personal value, not a means to an end.


Personality: She seems very gentle and understanding, someone who listens, and a big dreamer. She looks like her head is always up in the clouds. She’s also more concerned with other people’s problems than her own.

Liorah isn’t shy, gentle, or dreamy. She’s loud, very outspoken to the point of being rude, sarcastic, and occasionally abrasive. She keeps up a tough front to everyone and tries to convince herself that she’s invincible. She has a tendency to be impulsive and extremely reckless (to the point of being self-destructive) because she doesn’t believe anyone actually cares about her. (Except her older brother. They’re very close, but she’s also really dependant on him since he’s the only person she’ll actually allow close.)

She does have a soft, gentle side, but she only shows it to people who need her. (It’s really funny, every so often she’ll just adopt someone and be a total mom-friend XD) She’s very much a protector and she hates it when people try to protect her instead. She hates it when people see her as weak or helpless.

Brian, you were spot on when it comes to her family relationships, except it’s her mother and uncle since her father died sometime before the story. She’s also the princess of one of the tribes, so she’s kind of ignoring the fact that she’ll one day probably have an arranged marriage to secure a better political position. She’s still sour about it though XD


5) Would you be friends with that character?: Yes. I want her to know that there is a God who made her every bit as lovely as any of the intricately designed flowers she admires. She was the value He sought so much that He paid the ultimate price to hold and cherish her, and will not part with her for anything else mankind might offer.


Would you be friends with that character?: Totally, though I think I would have to be the one to talk to her first because she’s super shy and timid. And I am also a daydreamer lol, so I think we would get along great.

Both great answers! I think she’d like both of you. Though, Neasa, I think she’d definitely start the conversation. XD She’s really extroverted.


6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: I think she wishes and dreams a lot, but is fearful of dreaming too big. Afraid of the disappointment and rejection she expects to come.


Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She’s rocking the colour red. I’m obsessed with that colour, red suits me best out of all the colours 🙂 And I love her crown of flowers. I’m guessing she’s from a magical land, she’s perhaps a wood nymph? I think her powers have got something to do with nature anyway.

She doesn’t have powers, but I think she’d like nature powers. Or maybe something more destructive, like fire or storm. *Imagines Liorah with fire powers* NoPE! Nope nope, bad idea XD

She does have a tendency to stifle her dreams and wishes, often with a cynically sarcastic remark to herself.

And yes, red is totally Liorah’s signature color. (I adore red too, it’s my absolute favorite. 😉

I picked poppies for Liorah because they’re really resilient and grow wild, and the bright color suits her 😉


What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Probably Dreamer because of her daydreaming habits.

Her actual nickname is Li’ah, but only her brother calls her that, and they also refer to each other with every mild insult imaginable. (Because siblings, ya know XD)


Character’s greatest strength: People always underestimate her because they think she’s a bit of a feather head, but she’s actually very clever and resourceful.

That’s actually pretty accurate! People often estimate her as a spoiled, featherbrained princess, but she’s extremely determined and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


Character’s fatal flaw: Daydreaming of course. And I feel like she would be the sort to be overly trusting, putting her faith in the wrong people.

Pretty close! She is pretty naive in the first book, and it gets her into trouble XD But I’d say her worst flaw is being too one-minded and reckless. If she once picks a goal, nothing will stop her and she’ll destroy anything to get to it, even things that are dear to her.

Y’all did pretty well, even if the picture didn’t actually represent her personality well! XD

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