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Apologies for the absence…


“No,” Jericho said as Alessio volunteered to sacrifice himself.  “No, wait a moment.”

Brendin had sat down on the floor with his back against one of the beds.  “Jericho,” he said softly in Kithin.  “There is a way we can do this without losing anyone.”

She turned to him, startled.  “You speak as one of the Eya,” she replied in the same language.  “What do you mean?”

A stormy look shrouded the man’s eyes and darkened their color.  “Do you know of Ingor?”

“Are you a mære?” Jericho asked softly, paling.

“Yes.”  He averted his eyes.  Out of shame, most likely…

“So you are suggesting we…”  She faltered.  The rest did not need to be said.

“Yes,” Brendin answered, still quiet.  It seemed he rarely raised his voice.

“You are sure?”

“I am certain.”

Clearing her throat, Jericho turned to the others and once again spoke in the common tongue.  “Perhaps we may not need lose anyone.”  Her left hand clasped at something hidden beneath her collar, some kind of pendant weighing down a fine gold chain.  “Forgive me, friends,” the woman half-whispered, outstretching her free hand to the other human(oid)s in the room.  “You vote for Brendin.

The words were said no differently than Jericho’s usual tone, but there was some greater compelling power behind them.  Almost instantly Nithel parroted back “I vote for Brendin,” followed soon by Alessio and Asena.

Malvat, my dear reptile, Jericho projected from her mind, follow.  Choose Brendin; trust me on this.  It will end well.

Out loud, Jericho repeated as well: “I vote for Brendin.”

She smiled sadly, dropping her arm.  “There,” she said softly.  “We have the majority.”

Brendin relaxed where he sat against the bed, his hands falling limply at his sides and his head tilted backwards to rest against the bed.  His eyes were closed and a peaceful, painless expression adorned his face.  If he still breathed the rise and fall of his chest was now imperceptible.


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So…yeah.  Brendin is a little bit dead now.  But I promise it’ll be fine and work out; don’t make him start to fade or disappear or whathaveyou in any of your posts.  I’ll resolve it.

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