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Thank you so much for your instruction and encouragement! <3
Humility is necessary for any change, yes, it’s His Compass toward the Truth. So often we just take the word to mean hiding but that’s more often insecurity. I guess humility is the willingness to change in authentic search of truth, and respecting another’s personhood the way God respects our wills like St. Thomas Aquinas said “love is willing the good of another as other.” This requires submitting to love instead of self love. I guess the devil uses fear to make people focus on their own troubles and dissolve into self-concern to the point of losing concern for others.

17 Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. [James 4:17 NLT] God writes upon the innate consciousness of mankind what is “naturally” right. 15 They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right. [Romans 2:15 NLT] But it is not merely hearing The Word, but also yielding to Him in obedience to what His commands imply for our life and the circumstance of temptation that we find ourselves in.

He protects us so much with that definition there, it supersedes legality and places the focus on what the goal is; to do good for love of good. You picked some of the most beautiful verses, thank you.
Then resistance which requires love of God to be greater than love of self. He always tests us to draw us to greater love and pull us out of ourselves. He even lets us share His Pain sometimes and He’s so beautiful.
And watching that’s the scariest and most beautifulest part to me I never would’ve believed I’d be here today at all. If I’d known everything my life would be filled with I probably would’ve died with terror at the “Bigness” of everything He guides me through. I guess that’s why He keeps His “secrets” so we’ll be able to endure the incredible joy He stores for us.

I know there are particular and unique strongholds that the enemy establishes in the human heart. My particular temptations may not be the same as yours, and those trapped in the LGBTQA lifestyle are suffering under theirs. But I know our God loves them. That His redemption is offered to them if they can come to trust Him to bring them out of that entrapment.

Yes, the only thing that can keep them away is not understanding the deepest extent of Papa’s Love. If we could just see it we probably wouldn’t have a choice being so overwhelmed with His Kindness, which I guess is why He hides Himself some so we truly choose to love.
I know I used to struggle with New Age ideas and thinking and He drew me out of it before I could hurt myself and I think the only thing that saved me was I didn’t know any better and I believed God wouldn’t let me hurt myself if I trusted Him and meant well. That experience really ripped some self-delusions and pride out of me and He was so merciful and kind He loves me more than I could ever love myself.

I know we are charged to love and pray for them, and that each of us has a unique ministry to reach those whom God has placed upon our hearts to seek out with His message placed within us. So I encourage you to minister to them with your gifts and talents. Let God give you His voice to speak into their need.  He equips those He calls.  Don’t let the “bigness” of the task distract you from the “obedience to follow” God’s leading. Remember the 3 parts: 1. Submit 2. Resist 3. Watch

Yes, thank you big brother for laying out clear steps and reminders of His Plan and His Mercy. I know I’m a very impatient person and I wanna minister as soon as I can so I can die and get to Him but I guess a large task like this will force me to stay alive long enough I’ll need patience to stay sane lol. I’ll guard those three parts with my life if He lets me I promise!

God loves them every bit as much as you do.

Oh no! He loves them so much more He knows them much better than me and I can only love second-hand from His Love <3
Oh! I know some people who might be interest in these topics! @kimlikesart @rose-colored-fancy @hannahrenner @rustedknight.

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