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HI! *bowls you over with a hug* I’m Cathy, short for Chatty Cathy!
I started writing when I was nine but I really started writing when I was thirteen. What are some of your WIPs? What’s your favorite book in the Bible, if you have one? I’d never be able to decide. I’m Catholic btw! I’ve never heard of the Wormling series, what’s it about?
My favorite genres are high fantasy, thriller (esp psychological or supernatural), fairy tale, mystery etc. Detective fiction is awesome! My brothers like mecha too, I’m a bit into cyberpunk but only if I can find a good one. Dystopian novels are cool, but only when there’s actually a point to them and not simply violent for the sake of death and despair!!!
Oh, my favorite forum on StoryEmbers is the “fantasy writer’s forum” there’s several RPs to develop your characters if you want. Slots are open in the; Fantasy Character Castle Chronicles, Fantasy Character Castle Chronicles 2, Character Castle 2.0, and Villain’s Character Castle. The thriller forum is pretty much dead but you can revive it by adding a section or tagging someone. Themes forum is beginning to revive and I’m having fun there! Characters forum has some interesting stuff like a character would-you-rather game and how descriptions relate to personality.

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