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Nithel suddenly turned away from him, and Alessio nearly tensed, not sure how to process. He’d never been around people who were kind to him before so he didn’t know how things usually wor–
“We should vote on the weakest one among us. The one most likely to die in the time ahead.” Oh. He better not try to argue he’s the weakest member of the group. The one most likely to die in the time ahead, yeah that pretty much seemed to sum Alessio’s situation to him. Surviving here in the castle was really the best thing that happened to him and the safest situation he’d ever been in.
“Those who could be most useful to the survival of most of us should not be voted for.” Alessio was trying to breath steady, this was just too close to…Usually he could read people pretty well but he wasn’t sure what Nithel was thinking. He glanced at the dragon and the werewolf, Alessio knew Nithel was an uncomfortable with them as with his own powers. What if–
Alessio tried to burn the thought out of his mind right there. This wasn’t then, Nithel was a good person, a frien–I called him a friend too. I saw the signs I didn’t believe them because I trusted his character. Stop, just stop, this was irrational. What really was right or wrong in this situation? One life dies to save the rest. Not exactly self-defense, or perhaps self-defense involving murder.
When does surviving become a sin?
He can’t live with someone else dying because he had to live–
Alessio turned to his next best option and faced Malvet. He wouldn’t have moral scruples and if no one else were willing to vote he only needed on person to side with him. Ok, let’s make a deal. I hate you you hate me, two people with fire is threatening to you. You can’t vote for someone you hate more without looking more like a villain. So if you vote for me you get rid of a liability and save your life, not to mention avoids the possibly of your being chosen.
“If we start arguing over who’s the weakest member we’ll become too divided to survive even if we make it through this. We don’t have enough time to argue this.” He could feel fire preparing to burst inside of him, he needed to maintain some level of control. But he couldn’t stop his voice from sounding defiant although inside he just felt scared. “Let me get just one thing right, and finish this.”

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