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(lol, Ryuu means dragon. Clever 😉

Everything came crashing around him. Including the dragon.
“I figured it was time we rejoined.” He was already talking. “There is a mankind here by the name of Gavin Thunderfoot. Who is this she-wolf, and was it she who issued the command?”
Well if you’re so liberal with you mind invasion why don’t you find out yourself? Alessio bit the urge to be sarcastic, too panicked to feel panic like being tipped over the edge so you just don’t feel.
“I’m human. Allow me to shift back…” Funny, most werecreatured didn’t identify as humans in his world. She stared directly at them each. Her eyes had changed color and her crisp brown almost black. “I issued you no command. In fact, where I come from, I’m at the bottom of the chain of command.
“Now, what of this game?”
“No one can vote for themselves,” Alessio murmured “and no one would dare vote someone else outloud in case the rest of the group turned against them. Therefore…”
He paused, staring at the ground in front of him, wondering how to say it in a way they would listen. There wasn’t enough time to argue, there really wasn’t.
“You should each vote for me.” Alessio stood, face half-hidden under his hood as his gaze carefully wandered over the group. “It’s not murder it’s self-defense, if it’s not wrong to sacrifice yourself why would be wrong for you to help me do it?”
He wasn’t sure he could meet Nithel’s eyes and he wasn’t sure he couldn’t. Maybe he didn’t even believe his own words and he knew his friend would catch that. But he didn’t know, he didn’t know whether it was right or wrong. When does surviving become a sin? Maybe he just didn’t care, all he wanted was to preserve their lives.
“I don’t have anything to live for anyway.” It took him a second to realize he was lying and he was scared and he wasn’t ready to die. “Each of you have families, friends, something to fight for.”
Alessio shook his head, tightening his hands to keep them from trembling. He finally had to meet Nithel’s gaze, his eyes begging his friend to just go along. They wouldn’t listen unless someone made a vote, they didn’t have time to argue this, he couldn’t be the cause of someone else’s death again.
“I don’t have any reason to go on living, not like you.” Not after–Fire quivered in his hands and he couldn’t tell if he was scared. He was just so angry at the utter disregard for life this enchanted castle showed. That he was powerless to stop it. Again. “It would be an act of mercy to end this here. Please.” I’m not ready to die.
“Just one of us has to die.”

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