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Hi Mr Brian! Thank you for replying!

Marxism truly is a Satanic lie, the very core of their beliefs reject the possibility of religion or morality by negating individuality and personal responsibility. The most communist countries are the poorest and most enslaved, it must’ve been so awful for your wife I’m so sorry.
Every bit of it is just…Satanic. I could get into the arguments of how it destroys economy and morale and everything but it just doesn’t even come close to the utter disregard for life communism fosters. If everyone is forced to be “equal” in skills, personality, possessions then nobody cares about individual lives and people aren’t considered people anymore; just “us” and “them”.

New Age is subtle as well. If often lures people who have very little self-esteem and do not know that God loves them specifically. It lures in with the temptation to be able to control or manipulate and work vengeful charms against an oppressor. It too is a false search for relief that leads to spiritual entanglements with deceiving spirits. No power is lent to a practitioner without extracting a terrible price. People’s need for significance can only be found in relationship with their Creator, and nothing else. Psalms 139:13-17 says it beautifully how much God invests Himself in our making. How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! [Psalm 139:17 NLT]

Yes! Not even in cases of demonic possessions is the devil so blatant so constantly. At least not in the beginning. It always starts with a little doubt and a feeling of a concerned friends, then confusion and isolation then fear and powerlessness that destroys all logical thought.

I agree about New Age it’s a wretched, subtle lie attempting to imitate God without Love. And He always reaches out to us, giving us as much as He could possibly give us without corrupting our character. He only takes when it would destroy us.

I view the LGBTQA community as people undergoing an identity crisis. I find that most are not merely content with their private practice that binds them and isolates them. They feel compelled to force society at large to recognize and give legitimacy to their desire.

I can’t agree with that, entirely. I’ve had personal experience with LGBTQA and it’s not an identity crisis. For some absolutely, but I can’t blanket diagnose that. I was talking to someone once and she was telling me she read this that helped her; That men and women were like stained glass. There was male stained glass and female stained glass and the light shown through both of them. But sometimes, the female stained glass was the same color as the male and seemed to shine that light. In the end it’s female stained glass, but simply different.
To dress drag or pretend marriage with someone of the same sex is to lie. But it’s not any less real what they’re going through, I think it’s a lot of it is a difference in processing love of others and love of self from how “most people” (like seriously who’s “most people” anybody who fits the “most people” criteria raise your hand XD). Like, for instance, in Autism, people on the Autistic Spectrum just don’t respond well to touch and don’t…whatever most people feel about sex and romance.
There are people who choose LGBTQA usually as a result of misprocessing abuse but a lot of people are just born “different” like some people are born ADHD, ENFP, heterosexual etc. Some differences I’ve researched are:
1. Trans can also be called gender dysphoria and when you look in the mirror you see yourself, right? But when someone with gender dysphoria looks in the mirror it’s not, it just doesn’t connect like how people with C-PTSD/PTSD dissociate and it feels almost like an out-of-body experience watching trauma over and over or just numbing out of your body. Like how people with multiple personality disorder seem to have two or more “personalities” in them, if it’s severe enough Personality A can’t remember what Personality B did. So to call it simply an identity crisis seems to just completely undermine that person’s struggle like calling a migraine a small headache. But I mean it’s not well known information, most Christians and Catholics don’t really research something that’s clearly wrong to act on. When someone struggles with trans they very often have a bodily sensation as if their body rejects their masculine/feminine parts leaving them with a hyperawareness of this part of them that simply won’t reconcile with the rest of their person.
An interesting this though, chimeras–if I remember the name right–are people who are twins in the womb but absorbed their twin’s egg/DNA. Some gender confusion might be a result of a girl having her brother’s DNA or the reverse.
But what’s truly sick is the surgery to change physical appearance of gender. It’s incredibly unstable, they insert masculine or feminine hormones with little or no prior conditioning and the suicide rate exponentially increases as a result. And half hormonal instability is fluctuation and that “fluctuation” is nothing to–not changing but adding–hormones so you have male hormones and female hormones at the same time with no preparation.
Ahem, um, anyway–XD
2. Homosexuality is experiencing heterosexual attraction but for someone of the same sex. Idk how heterosexuality really works so that might be a bad comparison actually XD. This seems to be a connectivity disorder making it difficult to near impossible to relate romantically to the opposite sex. In a healthy relationship romance is involved with a “sibling–lover” dynamic so that one connects with the other person deeply as a person then romantically as someone they invest in as other and as part of them.
For lesbian women–from what I’ve read–relationships begin with that deep friendship and develop into an intense romance, leaving them prone to jealously guarding each other. This appears to be a disorder in processing attraction. Intense love is equated with romantic love and a sense of attraction is often linked to the physical as well. For instance I have pretty mild sensory cross-over where I “see” noises (I like music with black backgrounds and most notes are blue (: ) and “hear/see” smells, personalities, etc (pointy water tastes better than round water). The brain links kinda crossed over so I process sensory information a little differently, I imagine that’s how homosexual attraction works in most cases; the romantic crosses into platonic attraction off-wire from heterosexual attraction.
For gay men the “sibling–lover” dynamic is usually flipped–at least from what I’ve heard–so the theory is gay men are more likely to be attracted to physical features or personalities very different from their own and develop romantic attraction before platonic. This leads gay men to be more likely to be promiscuous and many involve minors which is what happened in the Catholic Church scandal which is why some hundred or so years ago the Church said priests weren’t supposed to really be ordained if they experienced strong homosexual attractions because people are more vulnerable to religion members in authority. I think it’s more a discipline than a “hard rule” similar to priest celibacy; there are licit exceptions but few and far between. Although it’s not common knowledge, the Catholic Church has established a support group primarily for people with same-sex attraction called Courage (“the courage to be chaste”)
But also really I’ve heard a lot of information that suggests that like a pretty high ratio in the gay community compared to the overall population in America are just the absolutely sweetest guys you could ever meet, so it seems to me there’s a lot of a predatory/vulnerable dynamic in the gay community.
3. Bisexual and asexual used to be covered under the same label but now are placed on different spectrums. I don’t know a lot about bisexuality at all so I can’t really cover it except to say it’s a processing disorder that crosses over romantic/platonic. Asexuality though is a rather controversial label even in the LGBTQA community. It’s just no physical romantic attraction and a lot of Autistic people/people with textile processing diversity have this. “Most people” want to hold hands and kiss their significant other but asexuality experiences a “crush/attraction” as I think it’s called a “squish”; wanting desperately to connect with that person, talk, spend time with that person, even live with that person without any sexual touch. Some people who identify as asexual eventually do develop sexual attraction to a very significant other while others can be married for years and just not. It doesn’t mean they don’t want touch or aren’t cool with marital sex and all, but there’s not sexual temptation/urge at any stage in the relationship. It’s not the same as aromantic which simply doesn’t experience the “gooshy stuff” and have a rather practical approach to love/expressing love.
4. The LGBTQA community is more high risk to both internal and external physical/psychological abuse than most groups and is far more likely to carry deep internalized shame due to the sheer political/social abuse, manipulation and taboo surrounding it. Since it is not categorized as a disorder or neurodivergent like ADHD, Autism, schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder so it’s not validated in Catholic or Christian circles and LGBTQA is vested in convincing people who struggle with this that it’s totally ok. So people with a LGBTQA cross experience hell and get hell for it and seem to be forced between complete denial with is itself a lie and completely embracing it with is also a lie but one lie feels nicer than the other and most haven’t been told there’s another option; accept it as something you’re going through and love God.
5. On that topic, LGBTQA can result from abuse. For instance, people who are touch-starved are very sensitive/responsive to touch and it’ll show. Similarly people who have been starved for love are very likely to become very sensitive/responsive to any form of affection/love without a good way to interpret, process or confine it to the romantic/platonic. Some people also respond to trauma by repeatedly exposing themselves to triggers to desensitize so people who have been raped often respond by becoming very sexually active.
Gender stereotyping can really affect a person too like if someone is convinced X, Y and Z “gender traits” must be present in a “good girl/boy” if the person doesn’t identify with those traits they might not date someone with those traits but if they’re convinced a member of one gender who doesn’t have those traits is intrinsically “wrong” or “unnatural” homosexuality becomes a more plausible alternative. And further if someone doesn’t identify with “gender traits” in one’s own gender and aren’t allowed the same level of freedom the other gender seems to have this can cause gender dysphoria as well.
So it involves abuse and can be a result of abuse as much as it can be an inborn processing disconnect/brain cross-over.
*um, so that was excessive. If you actually read all that you’re an absolute unfathomably patient angel XD*
But it’s all true what you said, it’s a lie, it’s not healthy, it destroys man to give in to this and there’s no lowering the standard or lying to yourself to change it. And a lot of the community of LGBTQA is absolutely a strand of Marxist belief portraying them as an “underclass against society”. I just don’t think it’s just an identity crisis I think it’s a medical condition. I hope I didn’t make you angry going on a tangent like that *hugs you and squeezes until you promise to forgive me*

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