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Brian Stansell

Here’s my attempt for my WIP:

Three men disappear out of the Surface World of biblical times. One is dead and hidden, the other two live on in a mysterious midpoint realm of the physically unseen. And they thrive there awaiting the return of The One whose kingdom will never end.

A traitor to a previous quest is pulled out of time to lead twenty others in a renewal of the quest he once betrayed. Three kingdoms of dangerous enemies become aware of his return and are preparing to see that this new sojourn to find the hidden kingdom of Excavatia fails as well.

Finding old friends will be difficult. Find forgiveness much harder. And finding Excavatia will be almost impossible… unless he has help from The Stone that Lives in the Heart of The Mid-World.


Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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