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Lord Castle is infuriated with boredom and inactivity. It’s as if these characters actually want to be happy 😛 Anyway, that can’t work.
“We’re going to play a game.” It says through the walls of the library room. “It’s a rather interesting dilemma, each of you vote one person among you to die, if you fail to decide on a member you all die.
Rule 1; you can’t pick yourself. It’s sweet but cliché, if you vote for yourself to die everyone dies.
Rule 2; the majority wins, whoever is voted to die by the majority will die and the rest will live.
Rule 3; you have ten minutes–or ten posts–to decide, if you fail to pick someone within that time period everyone dies.
Rule 4; idk but that was fun. Lord Castle will add rules as needed (:
Rule 5; oh, and like everybody gets one irrevocable vote which counts as a vote if said outloud.”

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