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Brian Stansell


Hi Seth,

How about leaving out a few steps that make the “attempt” workable. I would also want a liability disclaimer in my novel at the onset to let any nefarious idiot know that mimicry is done at their own risks. 😉

Certain “critical points” are often left out of a fictitious description of criminal investigations, so there is precedent.

I was a big fan of the McGyver TV series with Richard Dean Anderson. Not so much the re-make. It does have great fan appeal. I also love the old Peter Falk “Colombo” series, and his clever, but disarming and comical investigative prowess, does leave out certain fine points of investigative procedure deliberately so. At times, Colombo would have to improvise to get the villain to implicate themselves when the sleuth work failed to clinch the perp.

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