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Cool question! I think it comes down to trusting your audience to be intelligent. (Which is harder than it sounds. XD)

It’s basically inevitable if you’re writing anything other than a high-school drama contemporary novel that your characters do things that you would not recommend to your audience.

In my current fantasy WIP, I have characters vaulting on and off horses at full canter every other chapter and doing all sorts of dangerous, stupid things.

Especially if you’re writing for a middle-grade/YA audience (or older) I think they’ll understand that it’s a very bad idea. And if it’s really dangerous, you don’t have to describe it in detail, you can just use a sentence like “Using several of the bottles on the shelf and some experimentation, he managed to make an explosive.” (Dumb example, but you get what I mean 😉

I second Cathy’s opinion that if we can find the information for this, people who would use the information badly can find it too, so it’s little use trying to hide it. (Though, writers know really weird stuff. Just recently, I caught myself thinking ‘This is so unrealistic. I know too much about poison to enjoy this book.’ XD)

However, if you want to make absolutely sure that the ‘don’t try this at home’ message comes through, you could briefly have your characters think about the possible negative consequences.

For example, in my WIP, there’s a scene where my MC is doing some trick riding on her horse, and she just briefly thinks of the time when she was ten and broke her ankle when she landed wrong. Something like that actually enhances your story since it adds a bit of tension to the scenario.

Anyway, best of success!


I’m teaching myself to untie knots with my toes, I can teach ya’ll how to pick locks, get out of zipties, duct tape and rope! You can make bombs with fertilizer you can hide bodies with homemade soap you can use aluminum foil to make an extra battery if one dies and you need two at once!

You absolutely don’t wanna tell step by step how to make a bomb usually…(twenty different homemade bomb equivalents pop into my mind)

Ya know, I think I should be surprised, but for some reason, I’m not LOL XD

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