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I guess I’m asking in essence, how do you write a real-life skill without someone trying it in real life?

Well, in essence, you can’t!! I’m teaching myself to untie knots with my toes, I can teach ya’ll how to pick locks, get out of zipties, duct tape and rope! You can make bombs with fertilizer you can hide bodies with homemade soap you can use aluminum foil to make an extra battery if one dies and you need two at once!

Essentially if we writers can figure out these tricks people who wanna do bad stuff don’t have to read novels to figure it out but good people might for instance learn you can pick handcuffs with your hairpin or a cuffs or wire and the proper way to escape with a higher chance of success. You absolutely don’t wanna tell step by step how to make a bomb usually…(twenty different homemade bomb equivalents pop into my mind) but you don’t have to go out of your way to avoid it either I guess.

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