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Oh I’ve studied Marxism! (argument about blm don’t ask) and I’ve really had to look at New Age themes because they’re everywhere. Avatar the Last Airbender, Harry Potter (most of which I know more about second-hand so sry in advance if I’m wrong) most supernatural novels. The biggest thing is the subtly of the New Age themes, I’ve seen it hidden under “love and friendship” so so often. Instead of facing trauma it’s just a matter of “your past your lessons your reality” at the cost of objective morality and rules of nature. Subjective morality/reality is one of the most subvertive themes especially in child, teen and young adult fiction and it’s really hard to combat especially when it involves duress or traumatic pasts because it’s so identifiable and a guilty-want for everybody.

We often do not know enough about the backstories of people caught up in these entanglements.  Some stem from abuse, unrelenting cruelty from those labeled among the Christian faith who turn others away from the love Jesus offers freely “while we were yet sinners”.  I would consider reading some Christian biographies of real people who were caught up in these sins but came to find deliverance from them by the rescue of Jesus’s love.

That’s exactly right! I feel like the most undermining thing we can do in Faith is to judge or consider ourselves “lesser sinners” like there’s a category of sinner. And so often we disguise it as just avoiding this issue, and then it’s avoiding certain subjects around people and just deeper and deeper. I really want my novel to break down those walls, to show real true love, one of the biggest themes I’m working on right now is you don’t know someone’s backstory and you can’t excuse sin but you can’t judge the person for failing in a battle you didn’t even see.

Are their any Christian biographies you know about struggling with LGBTQA? I’ve done a lot of studying but I’ll never know if I’ve done enough until it’s tested I guess. It’s been one of those (billions of) controversial topics I’ve been reconciling with my Catholicism since I was a little girl and it can get hard to discern between stereotypes and real facts with all sides shouting at each other.

So I guess back to subjective morality, it’s such a difficult theme to combat because it’s so close to what we see love as and has so much apparent truth and compassion.

If they are truly brought to the place that they will hear (read), then you don’t need to shame them into repentance.  Just let them know they are wanted and loved. That God invested His own blood in their ransom.  That He knew and loved them before they ever went down this dark path. That there was nothing new that He could learn about their journey that He did not see before.

That says it so beautifully, that’s exactly what I want to show! It just doesn’t matter, no matter how dark how deep how sinful there’s absolutely nothing that can keep you from being healed if you just allow yourself to be loved. You said it so well and it’s such a deep truth we need to always keep in our hearts.

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